• «Inside» knowledge of the European institutions

    Together, the three partners of Europtimum Conseil have more than 30 years of experience in the European Parliament. These years spent in the service of this institution on various legislative procedures have enabled them to acquire precise knowledge of how it works and how the institutional triangle interacts to make decisions that will directly or often indirectly impact you.

  • A sustainable network in the heart of the EU decision-making system

    Through the work, professionalism and ethics which it demonstrates in its daily interaction with the institutions, our team has been able to consolidate and extend the network it built up during its professional activities in the past. Today we have a reliable and sustainable network in all European institutions as well as at Member State level.

  • The culture of a «solution provider»

    In our previous experience within the institutions, we all too often encountered stakeholders alerting us to "problems" or "risks" while being unable to propose concrete solutions. Our approach aims to overcome deadlock situations by transforming risks into opportunities and by positioning our clients as reliable and credible stakeholders, able to provide responses, common sense and solutions.

  • A «tailor-made» service

    Whatever the size, turnover or sector of your company, we deal with each issue in a “tailor-made'” manner, depending on your needs and your expectations. Each problem needs to have a corresponding specific strategic approach.

  • Values and ethics

    During our past professional activities, in particular when managing sensitive issues in a tense political climate, we have learned it is necessary to create a working relationship based on trust, discretion and respect for confidentiality obligations. This means we are able to offer our clients tailor-made political strategies, taking into account the complex balance of power and media exposure.

    The European institutions are involved in work to increase transparency in lobbying practices; we can only support this initiative which will contribute to greater professionalisation in our line of business. In this respect, since it was created our company has been listed in the register of interest representatives under reference number 21958075995-59

  • Knowledge of the issues and constraints of the business world

    Some of us worked in companies before joining Europtimum Conseil. They therefore have the tools to understand the "business issues" at stake; they know the financial, technical, organisational and "image" constraints of companies. This means we are able to adapt our interventions, our system and our budgets to your requirements.

  • A "bridge" between your technical issues and the European political agenda

    Because they are often technical and complex, your issues find difficulty being heard, especially in the European Parliament. Their representatives are pursuing political goals and act according to their own agenda and political orientations.
    Our experience and practice help us to "translate" your technical issues into messages and positions which can be understood by all institutional actors and stakeholders. Our work helps you to control and refine your communication in order to achieve your goals.