Our expertise

Digital agenda

Since the firm was founded, digital technology has been at the heart of the areas of expertise of Europtimum Conseil. Thanks to the many years of parliamentary experience of the partners at the company, in particular in the work of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, the firm very soon developed its activities for clients concerned by the issues connected with digital technology, the media and telecoms.

Since the last elections, the European Commission has made digital technology one of its priorities and, in May 2015, launched its Digital Single Market Strategy. As a firm specialising in digital technology, EoC is actively working on initiatives relating to:

  • the circulation of content (draft regulation on the cross-border portability of digital contents, communication on platforms, proposed revision of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, copyright package),
  • electronic business (proposals for directives on online sales contracts, proposals for regulations on geo-blocking of physical goods and on cross-border delivery of packages),
  • cloud computing (initiative on standards, communication on the cloud)
  • and telecoms (future revisions of the Telecoms Package and the E-Privacy Directive).

Intellectual property / fight against counterfeiting

Europtimum Conseil has developed recognised sectoral expertise and specialisation in the field of intellectual property, in particular concerning the aspects of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPRs). In fact, thanks to the experience of its President, Mrs Janelly Fourtou, former Member of the European Parliament and rapporteur on the Directive on enforcement of intellectual property rights, Europtimum Conseil made intellectual property its first area of specialisation when the company was founded. In this capacity, Europtimum Conseil took direct action and intervened on the legislative package on “trademark law” and also on the European patent.

Europtimum Conseil closely monitors the Digital Single Market Strategy, a priority of the Juncker Commission and within which intellectual property in the broader sense (intellectual property rights and copyright) figures prominently. Several initiatives are currently ongoing:

  • Revision of the European copyright framework,
  • Revision of the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive (IPRED).

At the same time, Europtimum Conseil is currently taking action and closely monitoring the work of the European Commission and also of the new European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on the voluntary cooperation initiatives to fight against counterfeiting and protect IPRs, for example the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the sale of counterfeit goods on the Internet.

Energy / environment

Through contact with its clients, whether producers of conventional, nuclear or renewable energies, suppliers of power management products or manufacturers of insulation systems, Europtimum Conseil develops expertise on energy, climate and environmental issues:

  • Climate action:
    • Emissions Trading Scheme
    • European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility
  • Effective management of resources:
    • Circular Economy Package
    • Bioeconomy Strategy
  • Energy efficiency and security of supply:
    • Renewable Energy Directive
    • Energy Efficiency Directive and Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
  • Chemical products:
    • REACH
    • Actions related to endocrine disruptors

Security / defence

Europtimum Conseil assists industrial players representing the important interests related to defence and European security. Europtimum's activities are concentrated on the following areas in particular:

  • Foreign and security policy (European Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy, action plan for defence to come)
  • Industrial policy in the defence sector (defence industrial base, defence research)
  • The migration crisis
  • Cybersecurity

International trade / free trade agreements

Europtimum Conseil closely monitors questions connected with international trade. The firm supports its clients in the following areas:

  • Their positioning on free trade agreements currently being negotiated
  • The development of strategies for combating trade barriers (tariff barriers, technical barriers)
  • Application of trade defence instruments

New technologies / innovation

As mentioned in our “services-funding” section, Europtimum Conseil helps startups with their development by offering services to look for European funding, find European partners to support their growth and manage their innovation so that they can arrive on the market:

  • As a development partner for startups, Europtimum participates in the development of a growth strategy using all available financial levers;
  • Associated with the risk, the firm carries out part of the administrative processes for its clients, relieving the burden of time-consuming work for them and requiring detailed knowledge of the unwritten rules and inner workings of the regional, national and European administrations;
  • Thanks to its experience, Europtimum Conseil looks for and suggests partners to its clients in order to liaise with the networks related to innovation and growth in Europe.