The European Union produces almost 80% of the rules governing the production, distribution and trade of goods as well as the provision of services in the Member States. This means the future of any company and any sector is decided in Brussels. Europtimum Conseil, a European affairs consultancy founded in 2009, provides you with the support and expertise necessary for the defence and promotion of your interests at the European level. Our in-depth knowledge of the European institutions, combined with experience within big international companies, help us make your messages heard at the right level, at the right time and with the highest impact possible. Our expertise means we are able to decipher information to help you make decisions – even in an unstable political environment which creates more legal insecurity than it does legislation.

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Shortly about Europtimum Conseil

Janelly Fourtou, former member of the European Parliament, President of Europtimum Conseil.
As a member of the European Parliament for ten years, I was able to see the difficulty many companies and organisations encountered when defending their interests at the European level. While the European Union is entering a new period of uncertainty after Britain’s decision to leave the EU, Brexit will give the opportunity to re-shuffle a lot of cards: in this European game of great risk, what hand will you have?
Since 2009, Europtimum Conseil has been helping many stakeholders to be heard by the EU decision makers. We play a key role in narrowing the gap between the public and the private sphere, helping create legislation in line with the needs of the companies and the expectations of European citizens.