• Representation of interests and influence

    Representation of interests and influence

    Our services are as follows:

    How does it work? The EU decision-making process is complex. We offer a clear strategy, as well as easy to implement actions, so that our clients act efficiently and in full awareness.

    Who does what? Many actors are involved in EU decision-making, with their role and their influence varying. Through tailored mappings we provide a clear picture of key people, whether they are in the front line or behind the scenes, so that our clients reach out to the right decision makers with arguments and messages tailored to their profiles.

    When is action required? We work together with the client to define a response appropriate to each step of the legislative process and to each involved player. Controlling the legislative agenda is fundamental. We carry out for the customer a schedule of actions to be undertaken by file, with deadlines and specific instructions for anticipating and meeting the deadlines, including in terms of internal and external communication.

    What has to be done? Europtimum Conseil works together with the client to analyse the balance of power between the various actors. Interests diverge between and even within the institutions. We develop scenarios for each procedure and we share with our clients the confidential information to which we have access. Our analyses, particularly in terms of the probability of success, enable them to make good choices and to take the right decisions.

    How are these goals achieved? We provide the contacts necessary for the implementation of the strategy, either directly or by supporting our clients. We are on their side complementing their direct action with in-depth work to deal with our network of European policymakers, whether in government, administrations, associations or other groups of European interests. By creating a constructive dynamic around these objectives, we build support networks that transform them into results, whether political or legislative.

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The objective of Europtimum Conseil is to work together with its clients to help them define and implement their strategy to determine their positioning and influence. We are at the service of the client; we do not replace the client's teams but do strengthen their competences, their analysis and their means of intervention. In more precise terms, we offer the following services :

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