• Public Relations

    The two most important things in any company do not appear in its balance sheet: its reputation and its people.
    Henry Ford (1863-1947)


    When Europtimum Conseil deals with EU decision makers, its objective is to establish its clients as experts and natural partners on issues that concern them. We help our clients build and develop a reliable and sustainable network of contacts and create an environment which is favourable to the consideration of their interests.

    Before any steps are taken, we offer to carry out a reputation audit which aims to assess the perception and image of the client at the level of the various institutional actors, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the client's public image and thus determine the areas we have to work on.

    We then identify any opportunity for our client that will enable it to position itself and enhance its expertise and we help define its messages so that they are clear and can be heard by institutional players: contribution to the European Commission's consultations, participation in technical committees and expert groups advising the European Commission, speaking at conferences, parliamentary questions, contribution to the drafting of amendments....

    European events

    To promote the image of its clients, Europtimum Conseil offers to organise any type of event related to their issues and targeting the European institutions and policy makers. In particular, we assist our clients in the organisation of events at the European Parliament and as closely as possible to the European institutions.

    Thanks to our many years of European experience, we are able to define the best formats; our network of contacts allows us to invite the right people; and our political skills allow us to extract key messages to communicate about the success of the event.

    Communication media

    Europtimum Conseil is able to provide support to help its clients organise media campaigns targeting the specialist European press as well as Brussels correspondents of the national media. Our network and expertise also allow us to act on social networks and exploit a wide range of communication media to optimise the use of your communication content.

    Crisis communication

    All organisations face the risk of having to deal with a crisis situation – and this may have considerable negative consequences, whether in terms of image, revenue or the motivation of the teams. Crisis communication at the European level requires particular expertise linked with a multilingual environment which combines political decisions and technical knowledge. Europtimum Conseil has the expertise and the flexibility needed to deal with crisis communication, delivered to unfamiliar targets and at an accelerated pace.

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The objective of Europtimum Conseil is to work together with its clients to help them define and implement their strategy to determine their positioning and influence. We are at the service of the client; we do not replace the client's teams but do strengthen their competences, their analysis and their means of intervention. In more precise terms, we offer the following services :

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