• Strategic advice and monitoring

    Decision-making in the EU28 has become increasingly complicated and the internal functioning of the EU institutions does not always provide adequate transparency – whether this is at the level of the Council or also within the European Parliament, which became more politically fragmented after the last elections. The establishment of the new European Commission was accompanied by profound changes in the working methods and decision-making of the College of Commissioners and services of the Commission.

    In a post-BREXIT context, which has put instability at the heart of the European political agenda, Europtimum Conseil endeavours to give its clients reliable information so they can take business decisions based on verified information rather than unfounded rumours.

    Europtimum Conseil offers intelligence gathering on all whys and hows underlying any decision. This means our clients have all the useful analyses of information available for establishing their strategy for action in public affairs and public relations.

    Before any effective action we carry out strategic monitoring: here we inform our clients of any issues and priorities affecting their interests through dedicated monitoring bulletins as well as timely reports and alerts. In this way they can save themselves long hours following meetings and discussions on their issues and have direct access to the analyses of documents of the institutions which concern them.

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The objective of Europtimum Conseil is to work together with its clients to help them define and implement their strategy to determine their positioning and influence. We are at the service of the client; we do not replace the client's teams but do strengthen their competences, their analysis and their means of intervention. In more precise terms, we offer the following services :

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