• Training

    Europtimum Conseil organises "tailor-made" training courses according to their needs, demands and expectations. Whether it is to understand the way the institutions work, the role of lobbying, the construction and the impact of primary or secondary legislation, or to arrange training courses on specific themes (European funding, intellectual property, digital agenda, energy policy...), we set up training sessions adapted as much as possible to our client, its business area and its constraints (time, background knowledge, objectives). Thanks to our experience with the private sector, we have developed training courses for the academic world (Strasbourg Institute of Political Science), the diplomatic field (international courses specialising in public administration of the National School of Administration ENA) and the political sphere (request for approval in progress for the French National Council on Training of Local Elected Officials.

    We can also help our clients set up dedicated Public Affairs teams and internal networks, with a view to optimising their structure and improving the efficiency of the organisation.

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The objective of Europtimum Conseil is to work together with its clients to help them define and implement their strategy to determine their positioning and influence. We are at the service of the client; we do not replace the client's teams but do strengthen their competences, their analysis and their means of intervention. In more precise terms, we offer the following services :

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